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The urban modern design style is ideal for cosmopolitan living, suitable for stylish city dwellers, and this elevated design style stands on its own with nods to Contemporary, Modern, and Industrial influences. To build usable and practical living areas, it makes the most of tiny spaces.
Exposed beams and unfinished surfaces and materials such as concrete, brick, and wood provide essential architectural features of urban design.

Urban design features include minimalist and large pieces of furniture with sleek lines, retro décor, geometric patterns, and a colour palette consisting of a neutral base combined with colours reminiscent of nature, distinguished by simple open space, light colours, and clean finishes.

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Design & Drawing

The urban design incorporates factory transformations and loft environments as its basis, providing a lighter, more relaxed look than industrial design models. Provide less hectic space away from the Regular grinding process.

Personalized Design & Drawing Services

The hip and trendy drive this design style and can essentially have an industrial aesthetic but with a much lighter and less edgy side. The Urban Modern Interior aims to establish a refuge and protected haven away from a busier, cosmopolitan lifestyle, as most design trends do. Urban Contemporary is seeking to "modernize" the industry concerning industrial design. The popularity of urban modernity is because of warm, neutral colours, plush furniture, and ample quantities of natural light.

We understand that urban homes come with a limitation of space so we plan the project accordingly taking into account every single square feet of space we could utilise to make your dream home beautiful.

From selection of the colours to the selection of the materials to the selection of the furniture home decor you would be blown away by the amount of choices that we would offer you and the advice we would give you to make the right choices.

Our experts will hand hold you on all the selection processes and explain to you why you should choose a certain artefact for your room. Depending on the colours that are proposed for your walls we would also explain to you what type of furniture that you need to use to make sure it compliments each other. Also ensuring that the room should look beautiful and spacious and Airy rather than cramped up with a lot of furniture.

“Urban Interior Style” in Our Everyday Lives

In Commercial areas, such as Hotels, Shopping centers, Cafes, and others. Not to mention how it even impacts a house interior design.

Design's that make you go " la"

Urban interior design, not only in cities, can exist anywhere. Weathered brick walls and exposed ceilings scream urban design, but stainless steel is another simple way to get the same modern, downtown vibe if your place doesn't come fitted with them. Plus, you can pretty much find it everywhere. Constructure's Urban Interior Design ideas will surely be the head turner and change the vide of your interior work.

After having a taste of our Designs, you might start a cult following for us.

Urban interiors are a definition of your personality. We bring your ideas and give meaning to your home with the brilliant collections of wall decor that we can find to define that your personality is reflected through the furniture that is available for you to choose from.

From space management to designing the colour combination to be used in your master bedroom, your drawing room, your guest room and your kids room. We will ensure that there is a unique personality that is seen in every room but also compliment the overall personality of your dream home.

The Interior Design Ideas you need!

In The Urban Modern space, it's not unusual to see traits of minimalist style, with edgy designs, and a bit of glamour. Urban modern architecture, however, has a softer side than strictly industrial or contemporary designs, offering a hip but relaxed and inviting feeling to the home.

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Have fun with "scale" to make things pop when a room has minimal furnishings. When you have minimalist furnishings, tiny details go a long way.

To keep it fun, have a common colour subtly played throughout but also add various colours.

Whether it's sculpture, a patterned rug, or a fun dining room chandelier, each room should have some form of a statement piece.

If you want a space, like this family room, to be more casual, tone down the glam and choose more relaxed fabrics and patterns.

Once we understand your personality we get straight to the papers to design your unique Identity and try to portray that to the designs being chosen and selected for your dream home. These are not just interior designs they are an extension of who you are.

Go ahead you sure will be able to brag about the beautiful decor that you have chosen with our advice with your friends in that cocktail party that you will be hosting soon.

Forecasted Budget & Minimum Deviation

Designing your Dream Project is not our only Goal, Making sure those dreams are fulfilled is what we do. With our Detailed plan you will know before hand what your budget is.

Our revolutionary process Forcasts your Budget ensuring Minimal Deviation

Planning your Dream project itself is a task of its own, but one small miscalculation on the budget will leave you with an unfinished project and would create unnecessary Stress. But, with Our Proprietary Process you will know "For sure" what is the budget that you would need to raise the capital for to ensure smooth completion and worryfree completion of the project.

We ensure that we collect all the effective data that is required for forecasting your budget and we also leverage our experts to confirm the accuracy. also create a baseline and re baseline of the budget that is seen based on the materials that is finalised for the project.Once the project budget is frozen we try to ensure that there is minimum to no deviation from the proposed project value and try to maintain the cost within the budget of the project.

Once you try our Services, We guarantee that you will be blown away by the attention to detail.

Who knows, you might even be able to create and construct a mini project on your own, Just kidding. 😉

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Structural Engineering

Our Expertise in Structural engineering help us give you the best Structural analysis and also suggest the most suited goemetries and the associated Material requirements.

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Villas, Individual houses, Row houses, Apartment complex, you name it we have worked on it. From Elegant Designs to Project Delivery, you dream we fulfill.

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Single Storey, Multi Storey, Extravagant of Simple. Our poejects are always focussed on giving you the most economical way to bring your Dream Factory to Life.

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Commercial Interiors

Becoming a leading Interior Designing Company in Bangalore wasn't easy for us. From Designing or Renovating Interiors, our eye to detail will ensure you get the best from us.

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Luxury Interior

Be it Sofistication, Eclectic, Modernistic, Minimalistic, Vintage, Uber-luxurious Designs you are looking for. Our Designs and choice of Materials will match your Personality.

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Residential Interiors

If Elegant Designs filled with Ideas, Inspiration infused with Art is what you are looking for then our Urban Designs will impress you. We bring imaginations to life here.

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Construction Management

Our Specialized Project Management techniques ensure your Dream projects are always focussed on the right direction. Be it in the Design, Planning or Construction phase of the project.

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Labour Contract Management

Our attractive Labour Contract Mangement will ensure you focus only on the idea of your Dream project, leave the execution to our safe hands. We will handle the End-to-End of it.

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