Construction Material Management Contract Service in Bangalore
The functional responsibility of our Construction Material Management service in Bangalore is to co-ordinate the planning, sourcing, purchasing, storing effectively, moving and controlling the materials in an optimum manner so that the pre-decided service can be provided with the minimum efficient cost.
Today we have more than 150 Vendors we work with for multiple scales of Projects. We handle sourcing you the best possible materials for your dream project immaterial of the scale of the project or the Budget for execution.

What You Get When We Are At Work

Material Planning & Control

Top notch estimation of the requirement of individual parts, preparing the materials budget, planning the safe storage, ensuring logistics, maintaining levels of inventory, ordering as needed based on the consumption of the materials during the project.

Effective Material Planning and Control of use.

We estimate the requirement of every possible material that the construction project would require so that we can make sure there is effective material Management so that it does not contribute to the stretching of the overall construction time quality for the budget of the project.

it is widely known that the planning and the control of materials has to be done due diligence cli so that we can ensure that the write quality and the correct quantity of materials are procured to make sure there is minimum wastage and maximum efficiency of and maintaining a reasonable cost for the project completion.

Due to our effective planning you can rest assured that all the materials that are required for the project is always available on time because we also plan ahead of 50 cycles whenever we run low on inventory.

Our effective reporting system will keep you updated on every possible progress on the project and also final approvals would be received from you so you can rest assured that your project budget is handled wisely.

Rest assured that your project is always in safe hands with the constructure's team.

Purchasing of Listed Materials

Getting the right quality of materials with the right quantity of supplies at the right time at the right cost at the right place is our responsibility.

Cost effective purchasing of Listed Materials

all the way from selecting the sources of supply to finalising the terms of purchase placing the order following up with the vendor for smooth translation of materials from the supplier to the site approval of payments to the supplier from you to evaluating the quality of the product received we take care of everything you could look for.

Our deep understanding of efficiency allows us to articulate that “efficiency is not equal to cheap” so you can rest assured that the quality of products that are procured are always desirable and always considered about the longevity of the product. Just like you, we do not compromise on the quality of products used either.

Once we receive the approval of the proposed materials and the budget for the same from you we initiate the purchase order with the vendors that have been carefully chosen by our curated team of experts. Once the materials are received we also consistently check for breakage and mishaps of the materials are required so that we can keep in inventory count to ensure that we do not deviate from the primary proposed project budget.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Storage and Inventory Control

We acknowledge that getting the right quality of materials with the right quantity of supplies at the right time at the right cost at the right place is not where our responsibilities end.

Safe and Effective Storage and Inventory Control

We understand that the materials involved in a construction project is the largest expenditure item. Hence, inspection of the materials received from the vendor and safely storing dose received materials, careful handling of the materials procured allows us to reduce the wastage and unwanted reordering of materials.

Storing materials and keeping the account of inventory is the biggest task of a material manager, we understand the humongous responsibility on us to keep up your best interests in mind and effectively maintain the stock and inventory all the time.

We Pride ourselves for the effective storage of materials procured. Give you an example, cement and TMT bars are the single most used materials during a construction project. We ensure that materials constantly used during a project are always closely accessible for our staff.

Once you have constructure on board to take care of your construction needs all you have to wait for the day you can get into your dream project.

Forecasted Budget & Minimum Deviation

Designing your Dream Project is not our only Goal, Making sure those dreams are fulfilled is what we do. With our Detailed plan you will know before hand what your budget is.

Our revolutionary process Forcasts your Budget ensuring Minimal Deviation

Planning your Dream project itself is a task of its own, but one small miscalculation on the budget will leave you with an unfinished project and would create unnecessary Stress. But, with Our Proprietary Process you will know "For sure" what is the budget that you would need to raise the capital for to ensure smooth completion and worryfree completion of the project.

We ensure that we collect all the effective data that is required for forecasting your budget and we also leverage our experts to confirm the accuracy. also create a baseline and re baseline of the budget that is seen based on the materials that is finalised for the project.Once the project budget is frozen we try to ensure that there is minimum to no deviation from the proposed project value and try to maintain the cost within the budget of the project.

Once you try our Services, We guarantee that you will be blown away by the attention to detail.

Who knows, you might even be able to create and construct a mini project on your own, Just kidding. 😉

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